Author: Hamza zulfiqar

Top 10 Business Communicator Strategies for Effective Business Communication.

Effective business communicators are more than just talkers. They’re listeners too! Effective business communicators know how to ask the right questions, listen attentively, and find new ways to solve problems. But what about you? Do you want to be an effective business communicator?  Let’s get down to business and read on for some of our […]

Let’s get down to business with Digital startup Strategy

Digital marketing is about taking your company and making it visible to potential customers. This visibility can be accomplished in several ways. Let’s get down to business with advertising, social media, content marketing and more. likewise, there are many different strategies that you can use when talking about digital marketing strategy. One such strategy is […]

The Power Fun of Gamification In Business.

A change occurs, or an invention comes into being due to some necessity of a specific reasons. Therefore, everything is changed with the situation, and most things are digitized due to Covid-19. During this situation, a particularly effective learning method that has also been changed with technology is Gamification in Business. Gamifcation idea integrates elements of […]

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