Best Fiverr pro tips you must follow.

Fiverr pro Tips

It’s true, and I’ve seen hundreds and hundreds of similar gigs on Fiverr, some 1-year gigs with no sales, and some 1-hour gigs with 1-10 sales. It doesn’t seem right, but this is how the Internet works in mysterious ways.

But there is a way to avoid this “stuck in a rut.” Oh yeah, here are some Fiverr tips on how to prevent and overcome it.

1.concert titles

Scoring is critical; without a good score, you won’t get very far. So keep your concert titles clean and get some examples of the good and the lousy flowing.


I can stress enough how important they are on Fiverr, just like a blog or website that picks the right keywords for your work will rank you higher than someone with the wrong keywords for their work topic.

Choose wisely and think of it this way: What would people look for to find your type of job? “Blog Reviews”? Think about it before writing anything.

A Good gig title:

“I’ll write a review of your website with up to 600 words for $ 5.”

Bad title:

“I will write a review of your product/website/blog and write up to 500 words for $ 5.”

Simple is the key, but it must also stand out. Do not use irrelevant keywords, and do not stuff the keywords in your title and on your description of your gig.

2.The next thing is a Bonus:


We all love them. So would you instead buy a gig that offers a 600-word review or a gig that offers a 600-word review and submits to 100 blog directories?

If a five-year-old buyer sees, it is a basic gig with 100% feedback with ten complete orders and the gig with the bonus with 100% feedback but only one whole gig. Which one would they choose?

I’m sure I’d love to get an additional free bonus.

This post is getting quite long, so one last and most important thing.

Increase your productivity on Fiverr 

By getting more positive feedback => more sales!

How to get more positive feedback?

3.Ultra-fast delivery

 Whether you believe me or not, I get about half of my feedback due to the speedy delivery,

I deliver the orders within 2-3 minutes after the customer placed the order (when I am awake and in front of my machine).

It only works with out-of-the-box packages, files when your only job is to attach a file.

And send a pre-written copy and paste message with your instructions.

So how to deliver fast without F5ing the five-page like crazy?

Use Webmail Notifier plugin (displays a popup / plays a signal every time you receive a new email in your inbox), of your chrome, fireworks, etc.

Upload your email account linked to Fiverr in the tool, set the device to check your email account every minute for new emails.

=> You can deliver the orders in 2-3 minutes after they have been placed.

Of course, you can do this with MS Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.

 4.Ask for fiverr pro feedback

 People tend to forget to give you positive feedback even if they are satisfied.

Therefore, every time you deliver the order, do not forget to include a note at the end of your message.

Which asks your customer to leave positive feedback for you if they are satisfied with your service.

 5.Offer more than your competition.

 offer FREE bonuses, like another concert (1-2-3) from your list

(which also requires no more work than attaching a file), mention this free bonus offer in your job description.

And send them even more than you promise in the description, with one word: overdeliver!

 You need to create the illusion that you are the absolute authority on doing/selling.

Fill out your profile, upload a realistic photo (of yourself), you can use your real name, or at least a realistic-sounding name,

Always sign your messages, write a suitable description for your concerts, assign a fitting title, select the appropriate tags,

upload a proper and easily recognizable image.

Best Fiverr pro tips you must follow.

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